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2in1: Humidify and Air Purifier CA-803

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2in1: Humidify and Air Purifier CA-803
2in1: Humidify and Air Purifier CA-803
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Product description

Risks due to dry and poor air quality in indoor spaces

Especially during cold seasons, relative humidity often falls below a relative humidity of around 45 - 55% recommended by the medical profession for living and working spaces. Humidity in homes, offices and buildings is often too low during the summer because of cooling by air conditioning systems.

Dry air has a negative effect on human and animal well-being and can cause respiratory illness and skin complaints during prolonged periods of very dry indoor air. Drying out can also be very harmful for furniture, parquet floors, antiques and plants.

Highly effective humidification achieved by the CA-803 air purifier serves to prevent dry heating air and acts preventively against:

• Itchy eyes, irritated respiratory tract and dry skin
• Colds and tickling coughs due to parched mucous membranes
• Dry throat and nasal congestion
• Dry skin and chapped lips
• Cracks in wooden furniture, parquet floors and musical instruments

At the same time, using powerful air purification, the CA-803 air washer frees indoor air from:

• Old tobacco smoke
• Odours
• House dust, animal hair and pollen

Air washer CA-803 2 in 1: Humidifier and air purifier

Suitable for rooms up to 35m² / 90m³ / 375ft²

Unique air washer system for optimum indoor climate

The CA-803 Clean Air Optima® air washer system offers simultaneous effective humidification and air purifying in your indoor space. The combination of four proven technologies, cold evaporation for humidification, air washing for purifying air, antibacterial water filter and activated carbon pre-filter, bring about a fresh and healthy indoor climate.

The CA-803 air washer is equipped with a humidistat which controls humidification automatically and has settings for day operation, whisper quiet (night) operation with dimming displays in the sleep mode. Its particularly quiet operation makes this unique system suitable for use in the bedroom or children's room as well as in offices, treatment rooms and all other areas where equipment is required to operate quietly.

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Air washing provides powerful humidification
and effective air purification

The CA-803 air washer evaporates the water by means of a rotor with humidifying discs: this rotor rotates slowly like a wheel through the water bath at the bottom. When the part of the discs that has passed through the water surfaces again, the airflow from the fan is blown over it, causing the water in the humidifying discs to evaporate. Dust, pollen and other odour-generating and polluting particles remain trapped in the humidifying discs and when this part of discs rotates through the water again, the pollutants are discharged to the water and sink to the bottom of the removable and easy-to-clean water tank. Consequently, the absorbed pollutants can no longer be emitted into the indoor air.

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Clean Air Optima® air washer CA-803
hybrid system operating procedure

The CA-803 air washer operates without filter pads. The contaminated and dry indoor air drawn in by the fan is first passed through the activated carbon pre-filter and then across the rotor with humidifying discs rotating in the water bath. The humidifying discs have a honeycomb structure for intensive humidification. The pre-filtered air is washed and purified directly in a natural way, comparable to a shower of rain or a waterfall.

The smallest particles down to 10 micrometres are bound and separated in the water. This humidifies the air and frees it from dust, pollen and particle-bound odours that can no longer be discharged into the indoor air. The airflow from the fan, which is adjustable with three settings, carries the moist and clean air into the interior via the top of the unit.

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Simple operation with digital display and humidity display

The large digital control panel at the top of the CA-803 air washer system provides clear information on the various setting options, and the built-in humidistat shows the humidity in the display.

CA-803 air washer setting options:
• Humidity adjustable between 40-75%
• High-Medium-Low humidification rate
• Timer function for switch-off time (1-8 hours)
• Circular display lighting (switchable on/off)

Programme settings:
• Auto mode
• Health mode
• Baby mode
• Sleep mode

For easy filling, the water tank can be easily and quickly removed from the top of the air washer to be filled with water from the tap.

Thanks to its large 4-litre water tank, the CA-803 air washer is able to operate for about 18 hours without refilling!

Usage and maintenance

Cleaning water tank and water tray

Every two weeks, remove residual water from the tank and water tank. The humidification discs can be easily cleaned regularly (every four weeks) in the dishwasher. The disc package is dishwasher safe up to 40°C.

Cleaning water tank
Shake the tank filled with water 4-5 times with the cover closed. Clean the inside walls of the empty water tank with a cloth. Do not use chemicals.

Clean water tray and rotor with Clean Air Optima® Cleaner & Descaler
Method for this cleaning process:
1. Dispense 2 - 4 capfuls of Clean Air Optima® Cleaner & Descaler into the air washer water tray.
2. Add water to the edge of the water tray.
3. Leave on for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes.
4. After cleaning and descaling, rinse the water tray thoroughly with water.
5. If there are still traces of limescale visible, we recommend that you repeat the cleaning and descaling process.

The humidifying discs can be cleaned regularly (every four weeks) easily in a dishwasher. The disc pack is dishwasher safe up to 40°C.

To clean and descale the unit, it needs to be switched off such that the atomisation does not release acid into the air via aerosols.
Clean Air Optima® Cleaner & Descaler is not suitable for the water tank. We recommend using mild washing-up liquid for the water tank.

Maintenance filters CA-803

Cleaning the Eco-Air Plus / activated carbon - pre-filter
Contaminated indoor air is fed into the unit on the side through the combined activated carbon and pre-filter. The pre-filter captures larger particles such as hair, lint, dander and other pollutants. The active carbon in the pre-filter removes gases, chemicals, cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and odours such as pet, mould, kitchen and paint odours from the intake air.

The combined activated carbon and pre-filter is fitted in the cover on the side of the unit and can be easily removed by hand. In continuous operation (24 hours a day) and under normal conditions, we recommend cleaning this filter twice a week by (gentle) vacuuming or brushing.

Cleaning the nanosilver water filter
The Clean Air Optima® air washer CA-803 features an antibacterial water filter. This filter consists of a cylinder filled with plastic beads. These plastic beads are nanosilver-coated to prevent bacterial growth and odour forming. This filter is fitted in the water tray and can be easily cleaned by rinsing with tap water.

Filter replacement
Depending on the type of use, the Eco-Air plus filter has a service life of approx. 6 months and the Nano - Silver water filter approx. 12 months.



Suitable for rooms up to:35m² / 90m³ / 375ft²
Humidifying capacity:250 ml/h
Adjustable humidity level:Instelbaar 40-75%
Heating feature:No
UV-C lamp:No
Suitable for aromatherapy:No
Top Filling:No
Auto programs:Auto-mode, Sleep-mode, Infant-mode, Health-mode
Timer:Turn-off time (1-8 hours)
SMART control using the Clean Air Optima® App:No
Water tank:4 liters
Power voltage:AC 220V-230V, 50Hz
Power consumption:35W
Filter replacement:Eco-Air Plus filter na 6 maanden, Nano-Silver Filter na 12 maanden
Dimensions:20,7 x 38 x 39,6 cm
Weight:6,4 kg
Noise level:<25 db(A)
Remote control:No


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Hygrometer HT-01W

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4.8/5 114 reviews
Placed on 20-03-2023

CA-803 Echt een goed apparaat stil (helemaal in sleepmodus), luchtkwaliteit ademd een stuk frisser in huis en het bevochtigen werkt perfect ( ik heb nog een losse hygrometer staan die dit ook aantoont)

Placed on 16-01-2023

Bon produit, silencieux.

Placed on 06-12-2022

Super product! Air Washer create ideal comfort in our baby's bed room.

Placed on 30-09-2022

Sehr gutes Gerät. Allerdings war es für unser 120 qm Erdgeschoss zu klein. Daher ging es zurück. Werde jetzt aber 2x das CA-807 für Wohnzimmer und Schlafzimmer bestellen. Sollte dann für das ganze Stockwerk reichen. Ansonten aber definitiv empfehlenswert, sofern ein kleinerer Raum bis ca 30 qm befeuchtet werden soll. Sehr leise.

Placed on 09-06-2022

werkt geweldig, de ca-803 ! echt een aanwinst !

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